Studio Diary: the goetemann mahler paintings

A Narrative of Life and Glory - An Essay by Gordon Goetemann



March 8, 2010:

Gordon " Last night was, as I am sure you felt, a great triumph-- for you, your art and for the gathering. Your work, and your words, were so true to what matters; it was and is a privilege for us to have such a "witness" to the deep journey of soul / self that you have brought into creation.
I spoke with R.B. last evening, to thank him for the connection and let him know how impressive the show is. and the evening was. I am still "humming " inside!

Dr, Mark S. Burrows. Ph.D.
Andover Newton Theological School
Newton Center, Ma.

goetemann_audio commentary on his paintings based on Mahler's 2nd Symphony.m4v

(note this will download 28 minute audio to your desktop)

Gloucester Daily Tiimes: "Capturing Life & Glory"